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Waigeo Brush-turkeys or Bruijn’s Brush-turkeys


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The Waigeo Brush-turkeys or Bruijn’s Brush-turkey (Aepypodius bruijnii), is named after the Dutch merchant Anton August Bruijn.



It is a large (approximately 43 cm long) brownish-black megapode with a bare red facial skin, red comb, maroon rump and chestnut brown below. There are two elongated red wattles on the back of the head and a long wattle on the foreneck.

Males and females look alike. The female has a smaller comb and no wattles.


Distribution / Range

An Indonesia endemic, Bruijn’s Brush-turkey occurs in mountain forests on Waigeo Island of West Papua.

Previously known from less than twenty-five specimens, this little-known species was relocated in 2002.



This bird is threatened by hunting, ongoing habitat loss, small population size and a limited range. It was formerly classified as a Vulnerable species by the IUCN. But new research has shown it to be rarer than it was believed. Consequently, it was up listed to Endangered status in 2008.


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