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Ural Striped Maned Pigeon Origin

Striped maned pigeons were brought to the Ural region in the 18th century. These pigeons have been bred at the Count Orloffs dovecotes.


External appearance

Small-sized, up to 25 cm from the chest to the tail end. The body is streamlined. The neck is short. The chest is wide and slightly prominent. The back is wide in the shoulders and is inclined towards the tail. The wings are tight against the body and lie on the tail. Set low on the legs.

Show Standards

  • Head: round, the forehead is wide and prominent. The sinciput is weakly pronounced. The occiput is rounded and smoothly blends into the neck.
  • Eyes: expressive, dark-colored.
  • Bill: short (7-10 mm), thin, tightly closed. The upper beak (maxilla) slightly hangs over the lower beak (mandible). The bill is white.
  • Cere: small, smooth, tight against the bill.
  • Eyelid: narrow, thin, white-colored.
  • Neck: short, strong, without flexure.
  • Chest: wide, well developed, slightly prominent.
  • Back: wide in the shoulders, straight.
  • Wings: tight against the body, lie on the tail, and are 1-2 cm shorter than the tail.
  • Tail: tightly closed, straight, 12 feathers. The feathers are wide. The tail and the back form a straight line.
  • Legs and feet: short, crimson-colored, 2.5 cm from the metatarsus to the heel. The claws are white.
  • Feather decorations: No.
  • Feather quality: The plumage is tight. The fan is wide.






A colored spot or a “cap” 10 mm in diameter is present on the sinciput. A red-colored spot or the “mane” is located on the back of the neck, 2.0-3.0 cm below the occiput. The mane goes symmetrically down the back of the neck. The mane may be shaped as an oval, a crescent, or a triangle. The tail is red and has a white stripe 2-3 cm wide. The undertail is white or red. Otherwise, the pigeon is white. The hens have a narrower white stripe on the tail.


Permissible Defects

The colored “cap” slightly “slips” from the sinciput. The colored mane goes down to the back in the form of a dovetail. Insignificant irregularities in the mane shape. The white stripe in the tail is insufficiently bright. The eyes are white. The undertail is mottled. A weak grayish color of the tail.


Impermissible Defects

A narrow head. The bill is longer than 10 mm. Crests, feathered legs, and feet. Set high on the legs. Different colors of the eyes. Drooping wings. The mane “slips” to the craw or the wing flaps. A massive body. White feathers in the tail. Colored feathers in other parts of the body and the wings. Absence of the white stripe in the tail. Absence of the colored “cap” on the sinciput. Absence of the mane on the neck.


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