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Taxonomic species list: Family Apodidae

Tribe Cypseloidini

  • Genus Cypseloides (9-10 species)
  • Genus Streptoprocne (3-4 species)

Tribe Collocaliiniswiftlets

Tribe Chaeturini – needletails

Tribe Apodini – typical swifts

  • Genus Panyptila
  • Genus Cypsiurus (2 species)
  • Genus Apus (some 17 species) Known fossil species are:
    • Apus gaillardi (Middle/Late Miocene of La Grive-St.-Alban, France)
    • Apus wetmorei (Early – Late Pliocene? of SC and SE Europe)
    • Apus baranensis (Late Pliocene of SE Europe)
    • Apus submelba (Middle Pleistocene of Slovakia).

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