Typical Owls – Bird Genus: Strix

The genus Strix comprises a group of typical owls the members of which are medium-large owls that lack the ear tufts typically associated with owls. They feed on small mammals, birds and reptiles.


  • Spotted Wood Owl, Strix seloputo
  • Mottled Wood Owl, Strix ocellata : A medium sized owl found in South Asia, where it inhabits in gardens and thin deciduous forests. They emit distinctive eerie laughing call of Chu hua-aa, with a quaver in the second note.
  • Brown Wood Owl, Strix leptogrammica
  • Tawny Owl, Strix aluco
  • Hume’s Owl, Strix butleri
  • Spotted Owl, Strix occidentalis
  • Barred Owl, Strix varia
  • Fulvous Owl, Strix fulvescens
  • Rusty-barred Owl, Strix hylophila
  • Rufous-legged Owl, Strix rufipes
  • Chaco Owl, Strix chacoensis
  • Ural Owl, Strix uralensis
  • Pere David’s Owl, Strix davidi
  • Great Grey Owl, Strix nebulosa
  • African Wood Owl, Strix woodfordii

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