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The Siberian Jays (Perisoreus infaustu) is found and common in north Eurasia, where it has a large range.


Breeding / Nesting

Jays are extremely protective of their nesting sites, and will give forth an ear-splitting scream when an intruder approaches it. If that warning isn’t sufficient, they will dive-bomb the offending individual, both animal and human. Their large nests are built in trees, bushes and old buildings and are constructed from twigs, grasses, bark and leaves. Some species collect and hoard shiny, bright objects to place in the nest. The female jay normally lays five eggs and incubates them for 17 or 18 days. The pair is monogamous, maintaining the pair bond until one dies.  



Their diet includes mice, insects, carrion, nuts, seeds and fruits. Some species also feed on spiders, snails, salamanders and tree frogs.


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