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Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco

Prince Ruspoli's Turaco

The Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco or Touraco De Ruspoli is listed amongst the fifty rarest birds of the world and is native Sidamo and Bale provinces of Ethiopia, preferring subtropical or tropical dry forest habitats.

Prince Ruspoli's Turaco
Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco

This turaco is related to the white-cheeked turaco and inhabits much of the same area

Its restricted range, coupled with infrequent sightings, has given the Ruspoli’s Turaco a reputation for being close to the brink of extinction.

However, recent evidence suggests that the species is not as uncommon as once thought, though its distribution is very small.


This frugivorous turaco measures around 40cm from beak to tail, and weighs approximately 200-290g.



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