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Plain-brown Woodcreepers

Plain-brown Woodcreepers

Member of the Picidae Family: WoodpeckersSapsuckersFlickers

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The Plain-brown Woodcreepers (Dendrocincla fuliginosa) occur naturally from Honduras through South America to northern Argentina. Populations also are established in the island country of Trinidad and Tobago.



They measure about 22 cm in length (including the tail) and average 37 g in weight.

The plumage is mostly brown. The bill is blackish, long and straight.



Their calls are described as a loud stick; and their songs as a descending te-te-te-tu-tu-tu-tue-tue-tue-chu-chu-chu.


Diet / Feeding

They feed on insects, including ants, found low in trees or in foliage.



They nest in leaf-lined nests in palm tree stumps. A clutch usually consists of 2 – 3 white eggs.

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