Green Ibises (Mesembrinibis cayennensis)

The Green Ibises,  (Mesembrinibis cayennensis), is a wading bird in the ibis family Threskiornithidae. It is the only member of the genus Mesembrinibis
Green Ibis on the Ground. Mesembrinibis
Green Ibis on the Ground. Mesembrinibis

Distribution / Range

This is a resident breeder from Honduras through Nicaragua, Costa Rica and western Panama, and South America to northern Argentina. It undertakes some local seasonal movements in the dry season.

The Green Ibis occurs in wooded swamps and other wet forest habitats. Its nest consists of a platform of twigs placed in a tree. This species is less gregarious than its relatives and is usually seen alone or in pairs. It has been recorded as harassing Sunbitterns nesting in the same tree.



The Green Ibis is 48–56 cm long and weighs 650–750 g; the female is smaller than the male.

Breeding adults have glossy greenish-black bodies, pale green legs and bills, and grey bare facial skin patches. J

uveniles are much duller, but can be distinguished from the similar Glossy Ibis by their bulkier shape, shorter legs and broader wings.

This species, like other ibises, flies with neck outstretched. Its flight is heavy, with fewer glides and jerkier wingbeats than its relatives.


Diet / Feeding

Like other ibises, it predates fish, frogs and other water creatures, as well as insects.

Green Ibises On The Swamp Searching For Food
Green Ibises On The Swamp Searching For Food

Vocalizations / Calls

It is most active and vocal at dusk, with a loud rolling co-co-co-co-corru-corru call.


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