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Mentawai Scops Owl (Otus mentawi)

The Mentawai Scops Owls (Otus mentawi) – also known as Sipora Scops Owls – are endemic to larger islands of Mentawai (Siberut to southern Pagai), off western Sumatra, in Indonesia.

These owls are classified as Near Threatened based on their moderately small, fragmented populations and ranges. Their numbers have been declining mostly due to loss of their forest habitat.

They are typically found in lowland forest and second growth, including around villages.


Mentawai Scops Owls measure about 19 – 20 cm in length (including the tail).

These small owls occur in two color morphs – one being mostly chestnut-colored and the other one being dark brown.

They have eartufts and white eyebrows with dark spots.

The upper plumage (back, etc.) has dark streaks and blotches. There are longer streaks on the plumage below. The feet and legs are greyish. The bill is horn-colored.

The eyes are yellow.

Diet / Feeding

They mostly feed on insects.

Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ????? … Czech: Výrecek siporský, výre?ek siporský … Danish: Sipuradværghornugle … Dutch: Siporadwergooruil, Sipora-dwergooruil … German: Mentawaieule, Mentawai-Halsbandeule, Mentawai-Zwergohreule, Mentawi-Zwergohreule … English: Mentawai Scops Owl, Mentawai Scops-Owl, Sipora Scops Owl, Sipora Scops-Owl … Spanish: Autillo de las Mentawai, Autillo de Sipora … Estonian: mentawai päll … Finnish: Siporanpöllönen … French: Petit-duc des Mentawei … Indonesian: Burung hantu Mentawai, Celepuk Mentawai, Tobat … Italian: Assiolo delle Mentawai, Assiolo di Sipora … Norwegian: Mentawaiugle … Polish: syczek atolowy … Russian: ????? ????????, ???????????? ????? … Slovak: výrik mentavajský … Swedish: Mentawaidvärguv

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