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Lilac-breasted Rollers aka Lilac-throated Rollers

The attractive Lilac-breasted Rollers (Coracias caudatus) is one of the most commonly seen of the Rollers.



An inhabitant of dry open brush and wooded areas, this species ranges continuously throughout eastern and southern Africa from the Red Sea coasts of Ethiopia and northwest Somalia to the Angola coast and northern South Africa. Lilac-breasted rollers inhabit acacia country with well-spaced trees, rolling bushy game lands, riverside areas, and cultivated land, but they do not associate with human habitation.

World: Widely distributed throughout Africa, South of the Congo basin as well as in East Africa

Kenya: Present across most of the country except in the Turkana basin where it is replaced by the Abyssinian Roller


It preys on lizards and invertebrates (i.e., insects), but is also known to take small birds. Lilac-breasted Rollers are also quite unbothered by people, allowing you to get very close in for a good shot.


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