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Greg Glendell had a lifelong interest in birds, particularly parrots and studied wild birds in the UK as an amateur ornithologist.

Following his studies in the 1980s, which included modules on human and animal behaviour, he worked in wildlife conservation.

With a career change, he set up my Consultancy in 1999. He keeps several species of parrots including African and Timneh greys, Amazons and a Meyer’s parrot.

His consultancy is based in Somerset in the UK and he receives much of my work by referral from specialist avian vets in the UK. Greg is dedicated to the welfare of parrots and tries to help ensure these birds receive the kind of care they so rightly deserve.

He also appeared on several TV programmes including the BBC’s The One Show, and Channel Four’s Cutting Edge: Special Needs Pets and written articles for the UK’s veterinary journals and for Parrots magazine.

For those living in England, Greg can help with advice on fostering out birds where a bird’s owner wants to ensure their bird goes to a good home. He does not breed, buy or sell any birds.


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