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Green-billed Coucal

The Green-billed Coucals, Centropus chlororhynchos is endemic to Sri Lanka., where it is rare and typically well hidden in the tall rainforests of southwest Sri Lanka.

Its numbers are small and declining population as a result of the forest destruction.


The Green-billed Coucal measures about 43 cm in length.

The plumage is mostly purple-black, except for the wings, which are maroon-colored on top and black underneath; and the long, dark-green tail.

The bill is a light green.

Males and females look alike, but juveniles are duller and streaked.

Breeding / Nesting

This shy species typically nests in bushes, laying 2 – 3 eggs.

Diet / Feeding

The Green-billed Coucals feed on various insects, caterpillars, and small vertebrates, favoring snails above all.

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