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German Colored Tail Owls

(Columbidae – Please see also Doves)

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The German colored tail owls (German: Königsberger Farbenköpfe) is a breed of pigeon developed in the mid-18th century in Königsberg, East Prussia, from which it gets its German name. This breed of pigeon is well-known in Russia because Königsberg is now a part of Russia, and is known as Kaliningrad.


General Impression

German colored tail owls have black, red, white, yellow, and blue coats. They resemble the gull, but have more interesting feathering; their rudders and heads can be of any color. Pigeons of this species have perfect body posture, lordly air, and high carriage.



They are mostly kept as fancy (show) pigeons, but with regular training, they can be taught to fly well.



Keeping and breeding require care. The breed is brevirostrate (short-beaked), which can cause difficulty in breeding and keeping. A good breeding program requires nurse pigeons – medium-billed and long-billed pigeons with good chick-nurture qualities.


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