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Eastern Screech Owls: Range of Subspecies

Ranges of Subspecies

  • Eastern Screech Owls or Southern Screech Owl (Megascops asio asio, formerly Otus asio asio – Linnaeus, 1758) – Nominate Race
    • South-eastern United States, in eastern Oklahoma, southeastern Kansas, southern Illinois, east to Virginia, and south to Tennessee.
  • (Megascops asio ocreatus – Hekstra, 1982) – usually considered invalid
  • Rocky Mountain Screech Owl (Megascops asio maxwelliae, formerly Otus asio maxwelliae- Ridgway, 1877) – Found in south-central Canada, central United States: Eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains and adjacent plains from central (or eastern?) Montana and western South Dakota to central Colorado.
  • Nebraska Screech Owl (Megascops asio swenki, formerly Otus asio swenki – Oberholser, 1937) – usually considered invalid
    • Range: Nebraska

  • Screech Owl (Megascops asio naevius, formerly Otus asio naevius – Gmelin,JF, 1788)
    • Range: South-eastern Canada, from Ontario, New Brunswick, south to the northeastern United States, where it occurs in northeastern Minnesota, east to Maine and south to eastern Kansas and eastern Oklahoma. Also found in northern Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.
  • Hasbrouck’s Screech Owl (Megascops asio hasbroucki, formerly Otus asio hasbroucki – Ridgway, 1914)
    • The range stretches from central Oklahoma east to Texas.
  • Florida Screech Owl (Megascops asio floridanus, formerly Otus asio floridanus – Ridgway, 1874)
    • Range: Southeastern United States from Louisiana to Florida
  • Texas Screech Owl or McCall’s Screech Owl (Megascops asio mccallii, formerly Otus asio mccalli – Cassin, 1854)
    • Range: Southern Texas (USA) south to northeastern Mexico (central Durango and Tamaulipas)
  • (Megascops asio semplei, formerly Otus asio semplei – Sutton and Burleigh, 1939) – usually considered invalid

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