Dresden Trumpeters

Dresden Trumpeters is a house pigeon race that originates from Saxony, in the region of Dresden.

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Only slightly sturdier than the Field Pigeon, low carriage, a rather long than short effect required. White wing shield. Double-crested.

  • Head: Not quite so powerful as the double-crested Trumpeter. The shell crest should be broad and unbroken. The beak crest should be somewhat oval in shape, as unbroken as possible all round; the larger, forward part covering the beak wattles and requiring some foundation to avoid unsightly hanging.
  • Eyes: Dark orange iris, somewhat lighter iris allowed in reds and yellows. Cere fine, flesh-colored.
  • Beak: Dark in blacks, flesh-colored in reds and yellows; in reds a somewhat darker tinge is permitted.
  • Neck: Short, fairly rounded, throat full, rounded.
  • Breast: Broad as possible, full and pressed well forward.
  • Back: Fairly broad at the shoulder, slightly sloping.
  • Wings: Fairly broad, with long primaries (longest wing feathers) reaching almost to the end of the tail.
  • Tail: Long.
  • Legs: Thighs well feathered. Feet thick and full-muffed. However, muff feathers should not be excessively long. Muffs must spread to the side rather than to the front.

Colors: Red and yellow, very occasionally black.

Markings: White wing shields. All other feathers colored.

Defects: Thin or weak body, upright stance; too much of a blue tinge in the coloring, white feathers in the primaries (longest wing feathers), muffs, tail, thighs and head; distorted beak crest; narrow, distorted or incomplete shell crest; muffs which are too short or full of gaps. Order of Evaluation: Overall Impression – body size – carriage – markings – head adornment.


In the wild doves and pigeons feed on seeds, fruits (including berries), green leaves and shoots, as well as insects, including spiders.

Basic Pigeon Food: can be pelleted or a mix consisting of seeds, cereals and legumes.

Greens: lettuce, endive, chickweed, clover, watercress, and spinach.

Fruits: berries, apple, pears, etc..

Miscellaneous Bird Foods: game bird crumbles, water soaked dog biscuits, and water or milk soaked bread

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