Unsorted Wild Birds

Capuchinbirds or Calfbirds

The Capuchinbirds or Calfbird (Perissocephalus tricolor) is found in humid forests in north-eastern South America, almost entirely north of the Amazon River and east of Rio Negro.


It is a thickset bird with a relatively heavy bill. The plumage is mainly a rich brown – turning orangy on the belly and undertail coverts – and the remiges (flight feathers – typically only visible in flight) and its short tail is black.


Its most distinctive feature is its bare, almost vulture-like head that is covered in dull blue skin.

Mating Behavior

Males gather in leks (competitive mating displays), where they “sing” to attract females.

The Capuchinbirds song has been compared to the distant sound of a chainsaw or a cow mooing.


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