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Black Noddy or White-capped Noddy

The Black Noddy or White-capped Noddy (Anous minutus) is a seabird from the tern family that is sometimes considered conspecific (one and the same species) with the Brown Noddy.



The Black Noddy resembles the closely-related Brown or Common Noddy (A. stolidus), except it is smaller in size and has a darker plumage, a whiter cap, a longer, straighter beak and shorter tail.

Distribution / Range

The Black Noddy has a worldwide distribution in tropical and subtropical seas. Colonies are widespread in the Pacific Ocean and more scattered across the Caribbean, central Atlantic and in the northeast Indian Ocean.

At sea it is usually seen close to its breeding colonies within 80 km of shore. Birds return to colonies, or other islands, in order to roost at night.

Breeding / Nesting

Their nest is a level platform, often created in the branches of trees by a series of dried leaves covered with bird droppings. Nests are re-used in subsequent years. They only lay one egg each season.


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