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Bay Owls

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Bay Owls are members of the barn owl genus Phodilus and subfamily Phodilinae.


Races and Ranges


    • the Congo Bay Owls (Phodilus prigoginei or Tyto) – sometimes considered a subspecies of P. badius; today, however, it is argued that this form should be placed in genus Tyto or be separated into its own genus.
      • Found in Africa


  • An apparently extinct population from Samar Island (Central Philippines) might constitute a third species; however, the only known specimen has been lost.



Bay Owls are nocturnal (active at night).

They resemble other barn owls; they are generally smaller, have ear-like feather tufts (hardly visible in the African species), and more U-shaped facial disks.


Owl Eyes / Vision Adaptations


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