APEXEL 200X LED Microscope Lens: Review, Pros and Cons & How to Use

Looking for a handy device that can turn your phone into a microscope? Look no further. Here is our review of the APEXEL 200X LED microscope lens that does exactly that.

If you are a student of biology, a collector of bugs and insects, or anyone who loves to explore the tiny, microscopic world, the APEXEL 200X LED microscope lens promises to be a handy companion for all your adventures.

The APEXEL 200X Microscope lens is a small, clip-on attachment with a powerful magnifying lens that augments the magnifying capacity of your phone’s camera by 200 times. 

It makes it easy to view tiny objects on any nearby surface.

APEXEL New Mobile 200X LED Microscope Lens

Just clip it on, turn on your camera to record mode, turn on the APEXEL microscope, point, and click. 

If you are looking for a quick summary of the product, here are its pros and cons.


  • Works with almost all camera phones; no app download required
  • Super lightweight and easy to carry around
  • CPL filter to reduce glare due to reflection
  • Includes 6 LED lights with two lighting modes for dark rooms or surfaces
  • Charges in under 60 minutes and works for two hours at a stretch
  • Includes USB-C cable for charging and carry bag for safe keeping


  • The battery tends to lose its charge pretty quickly
  • Difficult to focus the microscope on non-flat surfaces
  • Does not fit over some larger phones, especially if covered with a case
  • Expensive compared to other pocket microscopes


APEXEL is a brand created in 2003 with the mission to create innovative products in the field of mobile lenses. It has nearly 100 patents to its name, and its original 5-in-1 lens product was a huge bestseller.

Technical Specifications

  • Lens: 200X Magnification lens
  • Dimension: 2.68×1.38×1.10 inch
  • Weight: 0.6oz
  • Battery: Li-ion 3.7V, 120 mAh
  • Charging Time: 60 minutes
  • Usable Time: 120 minutes

Features & Benefits

200X Magnification

This is, of course, the best feature of this lens. 

Most portable or pocket microscopes offer 60-100X magnification, whereas this handy little device can offer 200X magnification. 

Moreover, it even works with your phone camera’s zoom feature, allowing it to magnify the image even higher!

Lightweight & Portable

Traditional portable and student microscopes are bulky and difficult to carry around. They certainly will never fit in your pocket.

The APEXEL 200X LED microscope weighs just 0.6oz, and fits right into your pocket, carry case, and all. Moreover, it works perfectly with your phone’s camera and does not need a stand or a flat surface to work on.

You can carry your microscope and explore the microscopic world around you wherever you go. It gives you the freedom to go exploring any place you like.

The clip-on on the device has a width of about 1.1 inches, which is thick enough to work with most phones, but you may find it difficult to put up if you use a phone case. 

It even has a bit of rubber padding at the point where the clip touches the phone, which ensures that the lens does not slip off and fall easily.

The device itself is just about ½ inch thick, so you can keep it clipped onto your phone and put it in your pocket; it won’t feel very awkward.

APEXEL New Mobile 200X LED Microscope Lens

Polarizing Filter Included

One of the big problems with using a lens in a dark room is that you will get the most horrible reflection back on your lens when you use LED lights to light up the surface.

The CPL filter included with this product makes sure that you can get quality images even in darker places and with zero chromatic aberration.

Works With Almost All Camera Phones

There are several apps available online that increase the magnification of your phone’s camera lens and claim to do the work of a microscope. 

However, most of these apps are duds and do not increase magnification by any significant amount. 

Moreover, some apps are available for Android phones and others for iOS devices, but most don’t work on both.

The benefit of having a separate magnification lens is that it can work with any phone that has a camera. Moreover, the 200X magnification comes from an actual lens; it is not a software illusion like these apps.

Instantly Share Your Clicks and Videos

Another benefit of this attachment is that your clicks and videos are immediately available for sharing since they reside on your phone. 

Most pocket microscopes cannot take pictures and even the ones that do need to be connected to your phone later on to download the pics.

Powerful Battery

The APEXEL 200X microscope has a 3.7V, 120 mAh Li-ion battery that can last for nearly two hours when fully charged. 

You can explore several surfaces and objects in two hours without having to charge your device over and over again.

The device comes with its own USB charger cable and a carrying case. You can charge it with any normal wall socket. It takes only about an hour to charge fully.

There is a charging indicator embedded in the LED light switch under the lens, which turns red when the battery is drained, and green when it is fully charged.

However, some users have mentioned that the battery tends to lose its charging capacity over time – so that’s one drawback that you should keep in mind. 

Moreover, using LED flashlights drains the battery much quicker than the two hours mentioned earlier.

APEXEL New Mobile 200X LED Microscope Lens

LED Lights

Coming to the LED lights – there are six of them, and you can adjust the brightness in two stages – half and full. 

There is a light switch adjustment underneath the lens, so you can easily adjust the brightness right before taking the picture.

How To Use The New Mobile 200X LED Microscope?

Using this product is extremely simple. You do not need to download any app for this device to work. 

When you get the device, the first thing is to charge it fully using the available USB charger cable. The green indicator light will turn on when it is fully charged.

To use it, simply clamp the lens on your phone’s camera lens, making sure to align the lens properly. You can clamp it both from the top and sideways, whichever suits your phone the best.

Turn on your camera app, and then switch on the lights on the microscope lens using the button underneath the lens. 

That’s it! Point the lens at whichever surface you want to explore, and shoot a pic or video as you would normally do.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a compact and easy-to-use microscope that you can use anywhere and anytime, this device is quite handy. 

It magnifies as advertised, works with most phones, and is very easy to use.

However, one key drawback is that this is a very expensive product, especially if you are buying it for your kid. 

Moreover, it is a delicate device, and your child might accidentally drop and break it easily.

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