Collembola Pictures

These pictures are all scanned in from the monograph Lord J.L.Avebury (1832 to 1913), they were all painted for the book by a deaf and dumb artist called A.T.Hollick, and though they may not be as accurate as photos they are still very beautiful. I have not checked the nomenclature so if you find any errors please let me know. If you want to know more about Collembola you will have to go to The Order Collembola which is a page all about them.

Smynthurus luteus jpg (23K)Smynthurus Luteus Collembola Pictures
Smynthurus pallipes jpg (13K)
Smynthurus bourletii jpg (12K)
Orchesella villosa jpg (33K)
Orchesella villosa jpg (29K) Showing furca.
Orchesella cincta jpg (54K)
Orchesella cincta jpg (28K) Light form.
Orchesella cincta jpg (34K) Dark form.
Lipura burmeisteri jpg (41K)
Lipura corticina jpg (22K)
Achorutes purpurescens jpg (17K) From the side.
Achorutes purpurescens jpg (26K) From above.
Isotoma aquatilis jpg (32K)
Isotoma viatica jpg (32K)
Anoura muscorum jpg (27K)
Podura aquatica jpg (29K)
Beckia argentea jpg (38K)
Seira buskii jpg (58K)
Templetonia crystallina jpg (61K)
Degeeria cincta jpg (33K)
Degeeria nicoletii jpg (41K)
Degeeria annulata jpg (101K)
Degeeria nivalis jpg (40K)
Lepidocyrtus purpureus jpg (21K)
Lepidocyrtus violaceus jpg (18K)
Lepidocyrtus curvicollis jpg (120K)
Papirius fuscus jpg (53K)
Papirius polypodus jpg (54K)
Papirius ornatus jpg (75K)
Tomocerus plumbeus jpg (67K)
Tomocerus longicornus jpg (75K)

Collembola (Springtails) Entomobrya Intermedia Macro
Collembola (Springtails) Entomobrya Intermedia Macro

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