Agami Herons

Agami Herons

The Agami Herons (Agamia agami) is sometimes known as the Chestnut-bellied Heron.

Agami Herons Perched On A Log
Agami Herons Perched On A Log


Distribution / Range

This uncommon and localized bird occurs in Central America south to Peru and Brazil, where it inhabits forest swamps and similar wooded wetlands.

It prefers shade and overhanging vegetation.



This short-legged, medium-sized heron measures 66-76cm in length. It has a very long thin bill.

The neck and plumage below is chestnut-colored, with a white line down the center of the foreneck, and the wings are green.

There are wispy pale blue feathers decorating the head, sides of the foreneck and lower back. The legs, bill and bare facial patch are dull yellow.

Males and females are similar.

Juveniles are largely brown above, with a white foreneck and streaked brown and white under plumage.


Breeding / Nesting

They nest in small colonies on platforms of sticks in trees over water. The average clutch consists of two blue eggs.


Diet / Feeding

Agami Herons Standing In The Water
Agami Herons Standing In The Water


Agami Herons stalk their fish prey in shaded shallow water. They typically stand still or move very slowly. They rarely wade in open water.


Calls / Vocalizations

They are usually quiet, but pairs and family groups may make various snoring or rattling sounds.


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