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What Eats Chameleon?

A Chameleon Traveling
What Eats A Chameleon? Photo: HJ Vannes

What eats chameleons?

What do chameleons eat?

There are many types of chameleons, and they all have a lot of predators or natural enemies. Chameleons are at the bottom of the food chain, and near the outside of the food web.

In order to hide from their predators, many species of chameleons are able to change their color in order to match their surroundings. When an animal is the same color as most of its surroundings, it is said to be camouflaged.

Snakes are one of the kinds of creatures that eat chameleons. Birds are another. But mammals such as monkeys will also eat chameleons from time to time.

And, what does a chameleon eat? Chameleons eat insects, which they catch with their sticky tongues.

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