Twenty-first Century Mammals

Science and the work of scientists continues in the world of zoology as well as in the more materialistic sciences and new species are being discovered all the time, most of these are small invertebrates, however new vertebrates are being discovered as well. Fish amphibians, reptiles, birds and even mammals new to science are being added to the worlds knowledge base each year. Already nearly 100 (97) new species of mammals have been named in the 21st century.

But how are they discovered? In this modern world new species are still actually discovered, animals that have not been seen before are found, photographed and recorded, see the Arunachal macaque, or the or the Lemur-like vivverid found on Borneo a couple of years ago. However most of the species listed as new to science are animals we already new about but which we had classified as one species and have now reclassified as another.

Reclassification is often the result of a combination of morphological studies backed up by DNA research, but may result from solely from DNA studies. When only part of an exisiting species is reclassified a new species is created. This is the case with the Borneo Clouded Leopard, the Snubfin Dolphin and Mirza zaza the new giant mouse lemur found in 2005. Finally it is worth realising that the date of the first sighting of an new animal, and the date on which it is actually given a new name, the date on which it enters the record books, can be quite different. For instance the 3 Mouse Lemurs listed under 2006 were actually discovered in 2003, but the scientific paper describing and naming them was not published until 2006.

Below is a list of new mammal species, the 21st century mammals as I have called them. I have searched out all that I can, however it is likely I have missed some, so if you know of an ommission please contact me using the email address below. Some of the species listed have not been given official Common Names, so I have made up names for them, where i have done this I have put a ? after the name.

Neofelis ??????????? Borneo Clouded Leopard from Borneo and Sumatra    BBC
Isothrix barbarabrownae Chunky Squirrel Rat ? from Peru    LiveScienceGoogle

Cebus queirozi Blond Capuchin from Brazil    Google
Microcebus bongolavensis Bongola Mouse Lemur ? from Madagascar    Google
Microcebus danfossi Danfoss’s Mouse Lemur from Madagascar    Google
Microcebus lokobensis Lokoben Mouse Lemur ? from Madagascar    Google
Microcebus jollyae Jolly’s Mouse Lemur from Madagascar    Google
Microcebus simmonsi Simmon’s Mouse Lemur from Madagascar    Google
Microcebus mittermeieri Mittermeier’s Mouse Lemur from Madagascar    Google
Philander mondolfii Mondolfi Opossum from South America    J. MammalogyGoogle
Philander deltae Delta Opussum from Venezuela    J. MammalogyGoogle
Sylvilagus varynaensis Venezuelan Lowland Rabbit from Venezuela    Google
Mus cypriacus The Cypriot mouse from Cyprus, Europe    BBC, Google
Scotophilus marovaza Marovaza House Bat from Madagascar    Google
Hipposideros khaokhouayensis Phou Khao Khouay Leaf-nosed Bat from Laos    Google
Hipposideros khasiana Khasian Leaf-nosed Bat from India    Google
Apomys camiguinensis Camiguin Forest Mouse ? from the Philippines    Google

Rungwecebus kipunji Kipunji a monkey from Tanzania    BBCGoogle
Callicebus aureipalatii Monkey from Bolivia    Google
Moschiola kathygre an as yet un-named Chevrotain (a type of deer) from Sri Lanka    Google
Avahi cleesei Bemaraha Woolly Lemur from Madagascar    Google
Lepilemur mitsinjonensis Mitsinjo Sportive Lemur from Madagascar    Google
Lepilemur seali Seal’s Sportive Lemur from Madagascar    Google
Microcebus lehilahytsara Goodman’s Mouse Lemur from Madagascar    BBCGoogle
Mirza zaza Northern Giant Mouse Lemur from Madagascar    BBCGoogle
Orcaella heinsohni Snubfin Dolphin from Australia    BBC,Google
Murina harrisoni Harrison’s Murine Bat from Cambodia    Google
Myotis dieteri Kock’s Mouse-eared Bat from Subsaharan Africa    Google
Pteralopex flannery Greater monkey-faced bat from the Solomon Islands    Google
Akodon philipmyersi Philip Myer’s Grass Mouse from Argentina     Google
Laonastes aenigmamus Loation Rock Rat from Laos    Nat. Geographic, Google

Macaca munzala Arunachal Macaque, a monkey from India    BBCGoogle
Microperoryctes aplini Arfak Pygmy Bandicoot from New Guinea    J.Zool., Google
Unknown Giant Forest Peccary from Brazil   AnswersGoogle
Pipistrellus hanaki Hanaki’s Dwarf Bat from Lybia    Google
Kerivoula kachinensis Kachin Woolly Bat from Myanmar    Google
Chaerephon jobimena Red Free-tailed Bat from Madagascar    Google
Epomophorus anselli Ansell’s Epauletted Fruit Bat from Malawi    Google
Peromyscus schmidlyi Durango Deer Mouse from Mexico    Google
Oryzomys andersoni Anderson’s Rice Rat from Bolivia    Google
Reithrodontomys bakeri Guerrero Harvest Mouse from Mexico    Google

Balaenoptera omurai Omura’s Baleen Whale    BBC, Google
Hipposideros scutinares Shield-nosed Bat from Laos and Vietnam    Google
Rousettus linduensis Linduan Rousette from Indonesia    Google
Rhagomys longilingua Peruvian Arboreal Mouse from Peru    Google

Mesoplodon perrini Perrin’s Beaked Whale from the Pacific Ocean    Answers, Google
Cryptonanus ignitus Red-bellied Gracile Opossum from Argentina    Google
Trichosurus cunninghami Mountain Brush-tailed Possum a confusing case because when the species was split one half took the new scientific name but kept the old common name while the old Mountain Brush-tailed Possum kept the old Common Scientific name but took a new Common Name and became the Short-eared Possum    Google
Callicebus bernhardi Prince Bernhard’s Titi a monkey from Brazil     BBC, Google
Callicebus stephennashi Stephen Nash’s Titi a monkey from Brazil    BBC, Google
Nesolagus timminsi Annamite Striped Rabbit from Vietnam    Google
Nyctophilus nebulosus New Caledonian Long-eared Bat from New Caledonia
Rhinolophus ziama Ziama Horseshoe Bat ? from Guinea    Google
Rhinolophus sakejiensis Sakeji Horseshoe Bat from Zambia    Google
Plecotus alpinus Alpine Long-eared Bat from Europe    Google
Plecotus sardus Sardinian Long-eared Bat from Sardinia, Europe    Google
Pteralopex taki New Georgian Monkey-faced Bat from New Georgia, Solomon and Vangunu islands    Google
Micronycteris matses Matses Big-eared Bat from Peru    Google
Carollia sowelli Sowell’s Short-tailed Bat from Central America    Google
Bullimus gamay Camiguin Bullimus ? from the Pilippines    Google

Loxodonta cyclotis African Forest Elephant from Africa    BBC, Google
Avahi unicolor Sambirano Woolly Lemur from Madagascar    Google
Cheirogaleus adipicaudatus Southern Fat-tailed Dwarf Lemur from Madagascar    Google
Cheirogaleus crossleyi Furry-eared Dwarf Lemur Lemur from Madagascar    Google
Cheirogaleus minusculus Lesser Iron-gray Dwarffrom Madagascar    Google
Cheirogaleus ravus Greater Iron-gray Dwarf Lemur from Madagascar    Google
Cheirogaleus sibreei Sibree’s Dwarf Lemur from Madagascar    Google
Camelus bactrianus Bactrian Camel (wildform)    BBC, Google
Bradypus pygmaeus Pygmy Three-toed Sloth from Isla Escuda de Veraguas (an Island near Panama)    Google
Trinomys mirapitanga Mirapitanga Spiny Rat from Brazil    Google
Glauconycteris curryae Curry’s Butterfly Batfrom central Africa    Google
Nyctimene (Paranyctimene) tenax Nijhoff’s Tube-nosed Bat from Papua and Indonesia    Google
Saccopteryx antioquensis Antioquian Sac-winged Bat from Colombia    Google
Carollia colombiana Colombian Short-tailed Bat from Colombia    Google
Myotis alcathoe Alcathoe Myotis from Europe    Google
Myotis annamiticus Annami Myotis from Vietnam    Google

Eubalaena japonica Pacific Northern Right Whale from the Pacific Ocean    Google
Callithrix manicorensis, Manicore Marmoset from Brazil    BBC, Google
Callithrix acariensis, Acari Marmoset from Brazil    BBC, Google
Microcebus berthae Berthe’s Mouse Lemur from Madagascar    BBC, Google
Microcebus sambiranensis Sambirano Mouse Lemur from Madagascar     BBC, Google
Microcebus tavaratra Northern Rufous Mouse Lemur from Madagascar    BBC, Google
Ochotona nigritia PianMa Black Pika from China    PDF Paper, Google
Rhinolophus maendeleo Maendeleo Horsehoe Bat from Tanzania     Google
Sturnira mistratensis Mistratoan Yellow-shouldered Bat from Colombia    Google
Plecotus balensis Bale Long-eared Bat from Ethiopia    Google
Rhipidomys gardneri Gardner’s Climbing Mouse from South America    Google
Neacomys minutus Jurua Bristly Mouse from Brazil    Google
Neacomys musseri Manu Bristly Mouse from Brazil    Google
Mus fragilicauda Fragile-tailed Mouse ? from Thailand    Google
Lophuromys angolensis Angolan Brush-furred Mouse from Angola    Google
Mesomys occultus Furtive Spiny Tree Rat from Brazil    Google
Ctenomys paraguayensis Paraguayan Tuco Tuco from Paraguay    Google
Brucepattersonius guarani Guaranß Brucie from Brazil    Google
Brucepattersonius misionensis Misiones Brucie from Brazil    Google
Brucepattersonius paradisus Arroyo of Paradise Brucie from Brazil    Google
Pipanacoctomys aureus Viscacha Rat from Argentina    Google
Salinoctomys loschalchalerosorum Los Chalchaleros Viscacha Rat from Argentina    Google

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