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Little Crows


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The Little Crows (Corvus bennetti) are Australian crows.


Distribution and habitat

They occur naturally in western and central Australia in dry, near-desert areas.

They can also be found in towns and cultivated areas.



They mostly feed on the ground, taking insects, grains and other seeds. They are scavengers, but to a lesser extent than other Australian crows.



The Little Crows measure 42 – 48 cm in length.

The plumage is mostly black with white bases to the neck and head feathers (shown when ruffled in strong wind).

The eyes are whitish with blue rings around the pupils, and sometimes one around the very outer edge of the white iris.

Similar Species:

Resemble the Torresian Crow, but are slightly smaller in size and have a proportionately smaller bills.



It usually nests in small, loose colonies, building stick nests lined with mud (the only Australian species to do this).



Its voice is a “nark-nark-nark-nark”. It also has a more typical crow-like “kah-kah-kah” call.


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