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Golden-fronted Woodpeckers

Member of the Picidae Family: WoodpeckersSapsuckersFlickers

Distribution / Habitat:

The Golden-fronted Woodpeckers (Melanerpes aurifrons) is a North American woodpecker. Its preferred habitat is mesquite and riparian woodlands in Texas and Oklahoma. Cooke listed this species as an abundant resident of the lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas, in 1884.


This medium- to large-sized woodpecker has a black-and-white barred back, an orange-yellow hind neck (back of the neck) and white rump. Males can be identified by their red caps.


They nest on tall trees, typically pecan, oak and mesquite. Occasionally they make their nests in fence posts or telephone poles, or they may take advantage of nest boxes.


Golden-fronted woodpeckers feed on insects – such as grasshoppers, beetles and ants – and vegetable matter, including corn, acorns, wild fruits and berries.


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