Family Achiropsettidae

Family Achiropsettidae – Southern flounders

Order: Pleuronectiformes

Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes)

No. of Genera: 3

No. of Species: 4

Environment: Fresh: No Brackish: No Marine: Yes Aquarium: none First Fossil Record: Ref: Remark: Antarctic and sub-Antarctic waters. Body greatly compressed; both eyes on left side of head. Dorsal and anal fins separate from caudal fin; no fin spines; pectoral fins rudimentary or absent; lateral line straight and well developed on both sides. Small to medium-size benthic fishes. Etymology: Greek, acheir, -eiros = without hands + Greek, psetta = turbot ( Ref. 45335). Main Ref.: Nelson, J.S..1994 6 Species of Family Achiropsettidae (Southern flounders) Scientific Name English Name Max. Length (cm) Achiropsetta slavae 6.3 TL Achiropsetta tricholepis Finless flounder 39.0 TL Mancopsetta maculata Antarctica Antarctic armless flounder 50.0 SL Mancopsetta maculata maculata 35.0 SL Neoachiropsetta milfordi Armless flounder 57.0 SL Pseudomancopsetta andriashevi 11.0 SL

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