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Eyebrowed Thrush (Turdus obscurus)

The Eyebrowed Thrushes (Turdus obscurus) breeds in dense coniferous forest and taiga eastwards from Siberia. This thrush is strongly migratory, wintering south to southeast Asia and Indonesia. It is a rare vagrant to western Europe.

The Eyebrowed Thrushes nests in trees, laying 4-6 eggs in a neat nest. Migrating birds and wintering birds often form small flocks.

It is omnivorous, eating a wide range of insects, earthworms and berries.

This is an attractive thrush, with a grey back and head, the latter having a black eyeline, bordered white above and below. The breast and flanks are orange, and the belly white. The sexes are fairly similar, but immatures have a browner back.

The male has a simple whistling song, similar to the related Mistle Thrush.


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