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Buff-fronted Owls

The Buff-fronted Owls, Aegolius harrisii, is a small owl that is found in the highlands of South America from Colombia south and east to Peru, northern Argentina and northwest Paraguay.

This nocturnal bird (active at night) breeds in open mountain forests, nesting in tree cavities.

Diet / Feeding

They mostly feed on rodents and other small mammals, but will also take birds and insects.


This is a small, dumpy, short-tailed and broad-winged owl, averaging 23 cm in length and weighing around 130 g. They have a black-edged buff facial disc.

The plumage is black above with white flecking on the wings. The underparts are an unstreaked buff. The tail is brown with two spotted white bars. Its head is large.

Their eyes (irises) are yellow.

Their flight is strong and direct.

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