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Brown Tanager

The Brown Tanagers (Orchesticus abeillei) are small passerine bird, the only member of the genus Orchesticus. It averages 17 cm in length and weighs around 31.5 g.


The Brown Tanagers are native to Brazil and are found at an elevation at 900-1500 m. They are generally uncommon and intensely localized. They inhabit only a few montane forests near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They are only known known from several protected areas, such as the Itatiaia National Park – which is part of the Mantiqueira mountain range.

Diet / Feeding:

The Brown Tanager is often catches insects in the air with beak. It also picks insects off the plants.


The female lays 2 eggs with a pink hue. The larger end of the egg is speckled with brown and

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