Bird Orders of The World

Below is a list of the 23 current orders of birds, if the order name is not a link then I have not had time to write anything yet.

List of the Orders of the Class Aves: Birds

Bird OrderCommon Names
StruthioniformesCassowaries, Emus, Kiwis, Ostriches and Rheas
CraciformesChachalacas, Currasows, Guans, Malleefowl and Scrubfowls
GalliformesGrouse, Guineafowl, Quails, New World Quails, Pheasants and Turkeys
AnseriformesDucks, Geese, Screamers, Swans and Whistling-ducks
PiciformesBarbets, Honeyguides, Piculets, Woodpeckers and Wrynecks
GalbuliformesJacamars and Puffbirds
UpupiformesHoopoes and Scimitarbills
CoraciiformesBee-eaters, Kingfishers, Motmots, Rollers and Todies
ColiiformesColies or Mousebirds
CuculiformesAnis, Coucals, Cuckooos, Hoatzin and Roadrunners
PsittaciformesMawcaws and Parrots
TrochiliformesHermits and Hummingbirds
MusophagiformesPlantain-eaters and
StrigiformesNightjars, Oilbirds, Owls, Owlet-nightjars and Potoos
ProcellariiformesAlbertrosses, Storm Petrels, Diving Petrels, Shearwaters,
GruiformesBustards, Coots, Cranes, Gallinules, Kagus, Limpkins, Mesites, Monias, Rails, Roatelos, Seriemas Sunbitterns, Sungrebes and Trumpeters
CiconiiformesAlbertrosses, Anhingas, Auks, Avocets, Bitterns, Boobies, Caracaras, Cormorants, Crab-plovers, Curlews, Darters, Divers, Eagles, Egrets, Falcons, Flamingos, Frigatebirds, Gannets, Grebes, Gulls, Hammerkops, Hawks, Herons, Ibises, Jacanas, Kites, Lapwings,Loons, Oystercatchers, Paintedsnipe, Pelecans, Penguins, Petrels, Phalaropes, Plains-wanderers, Plovers, Pratincoles, Puffins, Sandgrouse, Sandpipers, Secretarybirds, Seedsnipes, Shags, Shearwaters, Sheathbills, Shoebills, Skuas, Snipe, Spoonbills, Stilts, Storks, Thick-knees, Tropicbirds and Vultures,
PasseriformesAccentors, Antbirds, Asities, Babblers, Birds of Paradise, Bowerbirds, Bristlebirds, Broadbills, Bulbuls, Buntings, Bushtits, Cardinals, Catbirds, Chaffinches, Chats, Chickadees, Chowchillas, Cotingas, Crossbills, Crows, Dippers, Drongos, Emuwrens, Fairy-bluebirds, Fairywrens, Fantails, Finches, Flowerpeckers, Flycatchers, Goldfinches, Gnatcatchers, Gnateaters, Grass-warblers, Grasswrens, Greenbuls, Greenlets, Honeycreepers, Honeyeaters, Hypocolius, Jays, Kinglets, Larks, Laughingthrushes, Leafbirds, Leaf-warblers, Logrunners, Lyrebirds, Magpies, Manakins, Martins, Mockingbirds,Mynas, Northern Creepers, Nuthatches, Ovenbirds, Palmchats, Pardalotes, Peppershrikes, Pipits, Pittas, Robins, Ravens, Scrub-birds, Scrubwrens, Shrikes, Shrike-vireos, Silky-flycatchers, Sparrows, Spiderhunters, Starlings, Swallows, Sugarbirds, Sunbirds, Tapaculos, Thornbills, Tits, Tityras, Treecreepers, Thrushes,Tyrant Wattlebirds, Wag-tails, Wallcreepers, Waxwings, Weavers, White-eyes, Whydahs, Woodcreepers, Woodwarblers, Wrens, Wrentits, Vireos,
+Loads more, if you have found the name yet it is probably part of this huge group
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8 thoughts on “Bird Orders of The World”

  1. What a great website! Thanks for all the useful and intriguing information, Gordon. I didn’t realize the corvids are considered passerines.
    Most of the other avian websites list around 39 or 40 orders, I know cladistics is a wily project, but did you not include some orders, like falconiformes, for reasons unrelated to taxonomic quarrels?

    • Hi Denny, yes you are right, the bird orders page is out of date, it was about 21 years ago that I wrote it. It will get up-dated eventually, but there is still so much that has not been written, I will be finishing Gastropods and moving on to Cephalopods in the coming weeks.


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