Placental Mammals 101: How Reproduction In Mammals Works

mammal reproduction feature

Most mammals – except Monotremes and Marsupials – are placental mammals. Yaks, rabbits, cows, hippopotamuses, bats and humans all fall within this category. In all other vertebrates, the developing embryo is separated from its mother’s body by the amniotic membrane which surrounds the egg. The reason for this is that after fertilization, the embryo takes … Read more

Mammal Teeth 101: A Look Inside The Different Types Of Tooth

mammal teeth in smilodon

Facts About Mammal Teeth Teeth are important things… without them, eating becomes a lot more difficult. In mammals, teeth have reached their highest peak of evolution. Mammalian teeth are both more complicated and more efficient than in other vertebrates. Teeth are heavy and require considerable muscle to operate efficiently. This has made an important contribution … Read more

The Mammalian Eyes: Vision & Sight In Mammals

mammal vision shown in horse eye

Mammalian Eyes and Vision “Mammalian eyes. Ahh, I see”. This common statement, linking – as it does – understanding with sight, is an excellent example of how important vision is to Humankind. We are the most visually orientated and vision dependent of all the mammals. However, nearly all mammals use sight to some degree. For … Read more