Spider Courtship 101: Flirting and “Boy Meets Girl” For Arachnids

spider courtship ritual

Spider Courtship John Compton in his delightful book “The Spider” uses the below quotation from Gilbert and Sullivan’s musical Operetta Iolanthe, to introduce his chapter on spider courtship. Pointing out quite rightly that these four lines apply as aptly to spiders as to humans: When the sun shines make your hay. Where the will is … Read more

Spider Reproduction 101: Just How Do Spiders Mate?

spiders mating

Reproduction in Spiders Like all animals, spiders reproduce. The biology of reproduction has two sides to it. First, there is the anatomy and physiology of the reproductive organs and secondly there is the ecology of “boy meets girl”. For information on the anatomy of the spider’s reproductive organs, check out the Spider Anatomy page. But … Read more

Spider Mythology, Folklore & Legend – Especially “Tarantulas”

spider mythology ancient greece

Tarantula Mythology Tarantulas (or Theraphosids) have recently become relatively familiar creatures in Europe and North America. However, despite our familiarity with these large, relatively harmless spiders – they are not really a sufficient part of our history for us to have included them in our myths. Tarantism, as it occurred in Europe during the Middle … Read more