Beautyofbirds and Earthlife integration

This is a public announcement. If you are looking for particular images, please scroll right to the end of this page. has been one of the internet’s top sources for all information related to birds. For over two decades, they have provided some excellent online resources on both wild and pet birds.

On the other hand, is one of the oldest websites on the internet. Started in 1995, it has served as an encyclopedia about all life on the earth.

In July 2023, the and teams decided to integrate parts of the two websites. Specifically, team decided to merge all its wild bird related content with and focus only on pet bird related content.

We are happier together!

This will be a beneficial development for both the teams and ultimately the people we love the most – our readers. will be able to focus exclusively on pet birds and the unique problems faced by their owners. On the other hand, will be able to focus on their expertise – creating content around wild animals.

If you have any suggestions, queries or inputs, please reach out to us at contact [at] earthlife [dot] net

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For example, if you were looking for dark eyed juncos, please put this in Google search: dark eyed junco

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