Do Crickets Bite? Are They Harmful to Humans & Pets?


An omnivorous insect with two multi-purpose jaws, crickets are capable of catching and biting through plant matter, other insects, and natural materials such as cardboard.  However, although they have been known to leave nasty stings, crickets don’t tend to bite humans and are not aggressive insects at all. Can Crickets Bite? As a means of … Read more

Do Carpet Beetles Travel With You? On Humans, Clothing…


Long story short, yes, carpet beetles can and will travel with you.  Carpet beetles are capable of breeding and developing on different clothing fabrics without you knowing and you’ll then transport them around with you. But what exactly are they? Do carpet beetles travel with you? Where have they come from and how can you … Read more

Longhorn Beetle Yellow And Black 


Ranging from the size of the full stop at the end of this sentence or to the size of a rat, the 400,000 species of beetles around the world are incredibly diverse. Wrongly identified as a wasp, the longhorn beetle yellow and black ranges in populations all over Europe and America. It is a rather … Read more

Can You Put Crickets In The Fridge?


For people who own reptiles, amphibians, and other invertebrates, crickets will constantly be on their shopping list. Crickets are very common insects all around the world and they are also very commonly used as ‘feeder insects’.  Supplementing the diets of the nation’s reptilian pets, crickets are easy to keep and have a high nutritious value. … Read more

Do Insects Have Tails?


By studying fossils dating back millions of years, scientists can now state how and when animals developed tails and why they needed them. Often a neglected limb on an animal’s body, whether they are reptiles, birds, mammals, or insects, tails have evolved to have a variety of purposes.  But why do insects still have them? … Read more

Do Insects Have Tongues: Taste Bugs


While insects do not have tongues the way humans do, they smell, taste, and digest food like we do, just via different sensory organs. By not having a tongue covered in taste buds, insects have evolved to have very different sensory organs that do the same job. Let’s dig deeper if do insects have tongues … Read more

Do Insects Have A Backbone: Are All Insects Invertebrates?


Although the animal kingdom with vertebrates dominates wild spaces worldwide, many animal species do not have a backbone or internal skeleton and are known as invertebrates.  Insects like ants, bees, and beetles have exoskeletons that give them structural support, aid movement, and provide hard protection to their internal organs.  But can insects have a backbone? … Read more

Jellyfish survive (& thrive) without a brain or heart – here’s how!

Jellyfish No Brain

Jellyfish. An ancient, sea dwelling, ‘stinging machine’ located in the majority of the worlds waters, in infinite numbers, have no brain or heart to keep them alive…true or false? TRUE! Jellyfish have no brains but don’t worry, we’ll explain all about their unbelievable nervous systems and anatomy later. Let’s start with understanding what they are … Read more