What Is A Frugivore?

What Is A Frugivore Monkey Hanging From A Tree

What Is A Frugivore? What Does A Frugivore Eat? Frugivores are a classification of animals that have adapted to eat primarily fruit as their main food source. The term “frugivore” originates from Latin, where “frux” means fruit and “vorare” means to devour or consume. So, frugivores are essentially fruit eaters. Frugivory is a form of … Read more

When Do Deer Shed Their Antlers?

Antlers are one the most interesting parts of a deer and it fascinates everyone who has ever laid eyes on this beautiful creature.  But did you know that deer shed and grow new antlers every year? Yes, you heard that right, and you can actually collect them when this time of the year comes around. … Read more

Mule Deer Vs White Tail Deer

It is well known that mule deer originated from hybridization between white-tailed deer and coastal black-tailed deer.  White-tailed deer were animals of warmer climates. White tails are also the smallest members of the deer family in North America. During winter they prefer to stay in the forest since they are generally animals of warmer weather.  … Read more

How Long Do Deer Live?

To answer this question we have to go into a lot of details since Deer are one of the most populated animals, and there are more than 50 species of Deer around the world. Even though they have a difficult time reaching their average lifespan since they are always being targeted by hunters, Some Deer … Read more

Do Deer Eat Pumpkins? How To Protect Your Crop?

Do Deer Eat Pumpkins? Deer love eating pumpkins, and their beans alongside them. They also like eating lettuce, squash, strawberries and peas which are some of deer’s favorite foods when it comes to homegrown fruits.  However nobody wants their garden to be a dining place for wild animals like deer, especially their pumpkins. So how … Read more

Dolphin Mythology and Whaling History

Dolphin Mythology and Whaling History

Dolphins and whales are both beautiful, intelligent creatures. Let’s talk about Dolphin mythology and whaling history that has shaped the way we think about these oceanic mammals. Wonderful whales and delightful dolphins, who can avoid loving and being in awe of such magnificent creatures. The very term ‘whale’ brings images of great size to us … Read more

What Do Red Pandas Eat?

What Do Red Pandas Eat

  What Do Red Pandas Eat (Ailurus fulgens)? Facts About Their Diet Although very different from one another, red pandas and panda bears do have something in common – their diet. Did you know red pandas are actually carnivores? But what do red pandas eat in the wild or in captivity? What are their dietary … Read more