Can a Fish Drown? Do They Need Oxygen?

Can a Fish Drown

There’s no denying that fish breathe differently compared to other animals, especially ground-dwelling creatures. But can a fish drown? Fish can suffocate underwater, but they cannot drown. Lack of oxygen, water contamination, as well as their gills being unable to do their job are the causes of a fish dying in water rather than drowning … Read more

Family Achiropsettidae

Family Achiropsettidae – Southern flounders Order: Pleuronectiformes Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) No. of Genera: 3 No. of Species: 4 Environment: Fresh: No Brackish: No Marine: Yes Aquarium: none First Fossil Record: Ref: Remark: Antarctic and sub-Antarctic waters. Body greatly compressed; both eyes on left side of head. Dorsal and anal fins separate from caudal fin; … Read more

Family Acestrorhynchidae

Fishes of this family are characterized by very elongate (pike-like) bodies covered with relatively small scales. All teeth are conical and strong canines are present on the premaxilla, anterior part of the maxilla and the dentary. Small conical teeth are present on the ectopterygoid and minute conical teeth have been detected on the mesopterygoid of … Read more

Family Abyssocottidae

The Abyssocottidae is a small family of 20 species, in six genera. They are commonly called Abyssocottids or Deep-sea Sculpins, which is confusing because they don’t actually live in a sea, or Deep-water. However the name Deep-water Sculpins is also used for some species from other related families, so be careful. They are mostly bottom … Read more

Family Achiridae

First Fossil Record: lower Tertiary, lower Eocene Ref: Berg, L.S..1958 The Achiridae are saltwater and freshwater flatfishes with the eyes on the right side, body rounded or ovate in lateral view in most species, including fins, and elongate in Achiropsis nattereri, Apionichthys dumerili, and one undescribed species referred to Apionichthys. The eyed-side lower lip has … Read more

Acanthuridae: Incredible Wonders Of The Surgeon Fish

Acanthuridae surgeon fish feature image

The Acanthuridae The Acanthuridae is a medium sized family of tropical fish, with 84 species divided between six genera: Acanthurus = 40 sp; Naso = 20 sp; Ctenochaetus = 9 sp; Prionurus = 7 sp; Zebrasoma = 7 sp; Paracanthurus = 1 sp. They range in length from just under 12 cm, for the Dwarf Surgeonfish (Ctenochaetus flavicauda), to 100 cm … Read more

Fish Classification: What Phylum Or Class Are They In?

fish classification feature

The Classification of Fishes There are about 28,100 species of fishes known to science. They are divided into 4 classes, 59 orders, 490 families and 4,300 or so genera. The classification system of fish is not stagnant and it will change when we have more knowledge, perhaps from DNA analyses. For ordinary purpose, however, the … Read more