What Human Foods Can Cockatiels Eat?

Cockatiels are natural herbivores which means in their natural habitat they’ll only eat plant matter. This includes fruits, vegetables, seeds and grasses. Keep this in mind when eating dinner and deciding to share some with your pet cockatiel. If you’re having a hamburger and french fries for dinner, it wouldn’t be smart to share it … Read more

Do Cockatiels Bite? And Does it Hurt?

Cockatiel Nibbling

Yes, cockatiels do bite, nibble and peck depending on the situation. Sometimes these birds are just playing as they would with another bird and it’s all natural behavior while other times it can be due to the bird being uncomfortable or in pain. Knowing your pet cockatiel well enough to tell the difference is an … Read more

Are Sandhill Cranes Aggressive?

Sandhill Cranes Aggressive

Like many other birds across the animal kingdom, Sandhill cranes won’t become aggressive unless they are presented with an immediate threat such as predators approaching their nest or another animal attacking their mate.   Often birds such as ravens, crows, eagles and some owls try to attack their nests in order to eat their eggs which … Read more

Where Do Sandhill Cranes Nest?

Where Do Sandhill Cranes Nest

A fascinating species for many reasons, Sandhill cranes travel all across America in search of the best foraging grounds, migratory stopover sites and nesting habitats. Spending their winter and summer months in a variety of countries and states, Sandhill cranes tend to have similar nesting sites creating the right environment to hatch and raise their … Read more

When Do Sandhill Cranes Lay Eggs?

When Do Sandhill Cranes Lay Eggs?

Sandhill cranes (Grus Canadensis) began nesting and laying eggs in Northern America 2.5 million years ago and still to this day perform the same nesting habits across the continent. Want proof? Fossil records date back well over 2.5 million years found in Florida by naturalists. When spring arrives, mating pairs will begin to perform their … Read more

When Do Sandhill Cranes Migrate?

When Do Sandhill Cranes Migrate

Out of the 15-crane species around the world, Sandhill cranes have the largest population and are the most wide-ranging species due to their vast migratory routes. Migration is a fundamental aspect to avian ecology as it allows them to move between breeding sites and make the most of the favorable conditions in the different seasons. … Read more

Do Sandhill Cranes Mate for Life?

Do Sandhill Cranes Mate for Life

Roaming the earth for millions of years, Sandhill cranes are equally famous for their long migratory movements and their long-term pair bonding. So yes, it is true that Sandhill cranes are known to find a mate and pair for life. Nowadays, like many human couples, Sandhill cranes are known to ‘divorce’ and not maintain monogamous … Read more

What Do Sandhill Cranes Eat?

What do Sandhill cranes eat

Living on planet earth for over 2 million years, Sandhill cranes are most commonly spotted in freshwater wetlands and marshes or areas with abundant vegetation. Bird watchers and animal lovers alike flock to these landscapes to watch groups of Sandhill cranes converge within one river basin in order to eat and rest between migratory flights. … Read more