14 Koala Predators: What Eats A Koala?

What Eats A Koala

Let’s look at what eats a Koala in the wild and why their numbers have dwindled to the point that they are not endangered. Koalas are mid-sized marsupials, a mammal with an opposable index finger that acts like the second thumb. In fact, their differences from other marsupials are so marked that a separate family … Read more

Do Crows Eat Other Birds? Truth Revealed

Do Crows Eat Other Birds

Crows can eat just about anything, but what about other birds? Do crows eat other birds too? Do they eat ravens? Let’s find out. To put it simply, the answer is yes; crows might eat other birds. Crows are naturally aggressive birds. They tend to pick up fights even with ravens from the same Corvid … Read more