What Human Foods Can Cockatiels Eat?

Cockatiels are natural herbivores which means in their natural habitat they’ll only eat plant matter. This includes fruits, vegetables, seeds and grasses. Keep this in mind when eating dinner and deciding to share some with your pet cockatiel. If you’re having a hamburger and french fries for dinner, it wouldn’t be smart to share it … Read more

Do Cockatiels Bite? And Does it Hurt?

Cockatiel Nibbling

Yes, cockatiels do bite, nibble and peck depending on the situation. Sometimes these birds are just playing as they would with another bird and it’s all natural behavior while other times it can be due to the bird being uncomfortable or in pain. Knowing your pet cockatiel well enough to tell the difference is an … Read more

What Do Cricket Eggs Look Like?

what do cricket eggs look like

Although crickets are around for a relatively short period in the year, this doesn’t stop them when it comes to mating. During summer months, male crickets noisily call out to females. He’s hoping to mate and pass on his genes. It’s the females that have the hard job. They are the ones responsible for the … Read more

How Long Do Crickets Live?

how long do crickets live

We share our planet with over 2,000 species of cricket. With so many species, it is hard to give an exact life expectancy. Some species live for just a few weeks, others species can survive for years. So, how long do crickets live? Read on to discover more about the lifespan and cycle of a … Read more

Do Insects Have Bones?

Do insects have bones

Vertebrates have evolved an internal skeletal system; a seemingly normal part of the animal kingdom, right? The thing is, internal skeletons, or endoskeletons, are actually not that common in the animal kingdom. Some 95% of the animals we share our planet with, most of which are insects, do not have an endoskeleton. Instead, they have … Read more

Do Crickets Eat Spiders?


Do crickets eat spiders? Yes, crickets do eat spiders; of course, that would depend on the species and the size of the spider. In general, spiders are a delicacy for most insects, so crickets are pretty happy to have access to them and will readily eat spiders as well. Crickets will usually go for spiders … Read more

Do Crickets Eat Fruit?


Do crickets eat fruit? Yes, crickets eat fruit. As you may know, crickets are omnivores, which means that they can eat fruits, plants, and animal matter. Many crickets will choose to indulge in fruits.  Fruit flies tend to be high in carbohydrates and other nutrients, which are necessary for a cricket’s survival. They especially love … Read more

Do Crickets Bite? Are They Harmful to Humans & Pets?


An omnivorous insect with two multi-purpose jaws, crickets are capable of catching and biting through plant matter, other insects, and natural materials such as cardboard.  However, although they have been known to leave nasty stings, crickets don’t tend to bite humans and are not aggressive insects at all. Can Crickets Bite? As a means of … Read more

What Do Crickets Eat & What To Feed Them 


Crickets are fascinating critters that belong to the insect order Orthoptera together with grasshoppers and locusts.  Beyond their unbound life in the wild, they are popular to raise in captivity for reasons not very appealing to crickets themselves – to serve as fish bait, live food for pets, or even for human consumption. Luckier among … Read more